A taste of Tuihana Cafe

I walk in and tumbleweed rolls by. Oh shit, never a good sign. Head down. Avoid eye contact. Make a quick get away. Too late - captured by a friendly "hello". Followed by the offering of a beer. A beer with brunch? ...Suddenly, I could tell I was going to like this place.

I ordered the vegetarian eggs benedict which lived up to its name unlike other places. Not just wilted spinach, but a selection of roasted veges. Mmm and such a good hollandaise sauce too! Popular amongst my friends was the mammoth breakfast which came with baby corn fritters. So random but not nearly as random as the cabinet food which was priced in kilometres... I almost wanted to order something from there just to hear it said back to me.

The lady who served us was great, so attentive, and the atmosphere was nice even if we were the only table in the joint. I will most certainly be back. Perhaps for the crepes with strawberry salsa.

Tuihana Cafe  /  114 Dominion Road, Mt Eden

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